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Garlic Chili Sauce

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

In this edition's “Check It Out”, I will introduce popular editable chili oil by Momoya. Using this handy item or making a similar homemade one can be a good choice for adding to a summer dish. This cold and light snack can go well with beer or sake, especially when you don’t have much appetite because of the humid weather.

Chili Oil Ingredient
Whole garlic
1/4 cup fried garlic
1/4 cup fried onion
Two Japanese red chili peppers (takanotsume 鷹の爪)
1/2 cup canola oil
1/3 cup sesame oil
One teaspoon flour
*1/2 tablespoon onion powder
*Teaspoon salt
*Teaspoon soy sauce
*A pinch of sugar

1. Roughly chop garlic and rinse them with water. Dry well with a paper towel.
2. Remove the seeds from the chili pepper. Break fried garlic and onion into pieces.
3. Rub the dried garlic with flour.
4. In a cold frying pan, slowly fry the garlic with oil. Keep it on low heat.
5. Once the garlic turns light brown, add the chili pepper and fry them on high heat for 20-30 seconds till golden brown.
6. Add the fried garlic and onion and shut off the heat. Then, add the mixed items of the above *ingredients into the pan. After cooling down, store them in a jar.

Sample Dish: Spicy Tofu with Okura and Tuna
Boil okra with a pinch of salt quickly. Do not boil over if you like their crunchiness. Chop the okra after cooling down. Add some canned tuna onto Tofu with the okra, and top with the chili oil. You may add a bit of soy sauce or soy vinegar sauce (ponzu) over the tofu if you prefer more taste for the tofu. Enjoy this healthy low calorie item!

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