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Kotoshi no Kanji (The Kanji of this Year)

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Since 1995, the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society began picking a kanji character nationwide in Japan , which represents that year and every December 12th has been called gKanji no Hih (The Day of Kanji) since then. The Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society announces the special kanji character at the most famous sightseeing spot in Kyoto , Kiyomizu Temple .

@g Kane, Kin h meaning

1) Iron goods, the general term for iron, copper
2) Admirable, beautiful
3) Money, current money
4) Metal, as one of the five natural materials
5) Friday
6) The abbreviation of shogi pieces of gKinh

g Kin h of the year.

*We saw many Kin in Astronomy
An annular solar eclipse had been visible in many areas of the country for 932 years. Also Venus transited by the Sun in June and Venus occultation by the moon in August.
An annular solar eclipse is g Kin kan nissyokuh, Venus is g Kin seih in Japanese.

*We have got many Kin in 2012
We opened a new landmark tower gSky Treeh, which is a broadcasting tower in Tokyo (in Japanese, g Kin jitou wo uchitateruh).
We won 38 medals including a Gold Medal in the London Olympics. Wrestling Gold medalist, Yoshida, Saori received a National Honor Award and a Gold pearl necklace as well. Shinya Yamanaka received the Novel Peace Prize for iPS (Induced pluripotent stem cells ). It is just as good as the Gold Medal.

* We had many Kin problems
The fraud cases involving Social Security investments, the wrongful benefit received issue of social welfare, an increase in taxation problem and uses of donation money for the Tohoku Disaster.

The Kanji of the Year in the past

2011 Jg Kizuna, Han h meaning bond, tie
2010 gAtsui, Shoh meaning hot
2009 Vg Atarashii, Shin h meaning new
2008 ρg Kawaru, Hen h meaning strange, change
2007 Ug Itsuwaru, Gi, Nise h meaning fictitious, false
2006 g Inochi, Mei, Myou h meaning life

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