Japanese Phrase Picks

No.218 (8/24/12)

Raising Your Child Using Japanese No. 17
Asking a Favor/Giving a Command/ Cleaning

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

When you are raising your child, you encourage your child to be more independent by naturally showing them what you can do for them. Children quickly learn that what you are doing for them makes their life smoother and safer. In the meantime, you let them try things you have showed and taught them, and are reassured how fast your child is growing up. Then, the little help and mutual communication means a lot to your life as a supportive family. Here are some useful phrases you may encounter in your daily life. These can be helpful to learn at your work, a friend's house or most any place. Let's learn these in Japanese.

•  床におちているものをひろって。 ( Yuka ni ochiteirumono o hirotte. ) Pick up the stuff off the floor.

•  窓をあけて。 ( Mado o akete.) Open the window.

•  掃除機をかけて。 (Soujiki o kakete.) Start vacuuming.

•  全部ほこりをとって。 (Zenbu hokori o totte.) Dust everywhere.

•  トイレの掃除をして。 (Toire no souji o shite. ) Clean the bathroom.

•  床をはいて、ふいてくれる? ( Yuka o haite fuite kureru? ) Will you sweep and wipe the floor?

•  お風呂の掃除をして ( Ofuro no souji o shite. ) Please clean the bathtub.

•  窓をふいて。 ( Mado o fuite. ) Wipe the window.

•  部屋をかたづけて。 (Heya o katazukete.) Clean the room.

•  シンクをあらって。 ( Sink o aratte. ) Wash the sink.

•  ちゃんと座りなさい。 ( Chanto suwarinasai. ) Please sit up.

•  テーブルをふいてもらえますか?。 (Teburu o fuite moraemasu ka?) Would you wipe the table?

•  ごみを出して。 ( Gomi o dashite. ) Take the trash outside.

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