Japanese Phrase Picks

No.216 (7/27/12)

Raising your child using Japanese #16
Asking a Favor/Giving a Command/in living room

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

When you are raising your child, you encourage your child to be more independent by naturally showing them what you can do for them. Children quickly learn that what you are doing for them makes their life smoother and safer. In the meantime, you let them try things you have showed and taught them, and are reassured how fast your child is growing up. Then, the little help and mutual communication means a lot to your life as a supportive family. Here are some useful phrases you may encounter in your daily life. These can be helpful to learn at your work, a friend’s house or most any place. Let’s learn these in Japanese.

・ テレビの音をさげて。 ( Televi no oto o sagete. ) Turn the volume down.
・ リモコンとって。 ( Rimocon o totte.) Pass me the remote control.
・ ○○番組・放送局をつけて。 ( ○○ o tsukete.) Turn on (your favorite show's name or channel.)
・ テレビがみえない!どいて! (Televi ga mienai! Doite!) I cannot see the TV! Move!
・ カーテンをあけて / しめて 。 ( Curtin o akete/shimete. ) Open/Close the curtain.
・ クッションをもとにもどして。 (Cushion o motoni modoshite. ) Fix the cushions on the couch.
・ 電話にでて。 ( Denwa ni dete. ) Answer the phone, please.
・ あとでかけなおすと伝えて。 ( Atode kakenaosu to tsutaete. ) Please tell I will call back.
・ 伝言をきいて。 ( Dengon o kite. ) Please take the message.
・ 電気をつけて。 (Denki o tsukete.) Turn on the light.
・ ゲームはあと、○○分よ。 ( Game wa ato ○○ fun yo. ) You only have ○○ minutes to play the game.
・ ちゃんと座りなさい。 ( Chanto Suwarinasai. ) Please sit up.
・ テレビから離れなさい。 (Televi kara hanarenasai.) Sit back from the TV.
・ おやつをこぼさないで。 ( Oyatsu o kobosanaide. ) Please don't drop your snacks.
・ 自分のものをかたづけて。 (Jibunno mono o katazukete.) Put your stuff away.
・ ティッシュとって。 (Tissue totte.) Please get me a tissue.

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