Japanese Phrase Picks

No.215 (7/13/12)

Raising your child using Japanese #15
Asking a Favor/ Giving a Command/
Preparing for a Meal

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

When you are raising your child, you encourage your child to be more independent by naturally showing them what you can do for them. Children quickly learn that what you are doing for them makes their life smoother and safer. In the meantime, you let them try things you have showed and taught them, and are reassured how fast your child is growing up. Then, the little help and mutual communication means a lot to your life as a supportive family. Here are some useful phrases you may encounter in your daily life. These can be helpful to learn at your work, a friend’s house or most any place. Let’s learn these in Japanese.

・ お片づけをして。(Okatazuke o shite.) Let’s clean up.
・ 手を洗いなさい。(Te o arainasai.) Wash your hands.
・ お皿を出して。(Osara o dashite.) Please put the plates out.
・ おはし・フォークを用意して。(Ohashi/foruku o youishite. ) Set the chopsticks/forks on the table.
・ みんなをよんできて。(Minna o yonde kite.) Bring everyone to the table.
・ 塩・こしょうをとってくれる。(Shio/koshou o totte kureru. ) Pass the salt/pepper.
・ ペーパーナプキンはどこ?(Paper napkin wa doko?) Where are the paper napkins?
・ 何をのみたい?(Nani o nomitai?) What would you like to drink?
・ コーラをとってきて。(Cola o totte kite.) Go get a can of coke.
・ 姿勢をただして。(Shisei o tadashite.) Fix your posture.
・ お皿を片付けて。(Osawa o katazukete.) Clean up your plate.
・ お皿をあらって。(Osara o aratte.) Do the dishes.
・ テーブルをふいて。(Taberu o fuite.) Wipe the table.
・ ごみをだしてきて。(Gomi o dashite kite.) Take the garbage out.

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