Japanese Phrase Picks

No.209 (4/13/12)

Raising your child using Japanese #9
Sakura virsion

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

I am introducing a few Japanese phrases that you can use with your child from the time he/she gets up in the morning until your little one goes to bed. Speaking Japanese with your child at home is fun, and makes it easier to remember. Enjoy Japanese life with family and friends!

・この公園桜がいっぱいさいてるね。(Kono kouen sakura ga ippai saiteru ne.) / There are so many cherry blossoms in this park, aren't there?
・公園がピンクだね。(Kouen ga pink dane.) / The park is covered of pink.
・桜きれいだね。 (Sakura kirei dane.) / The cherry blossoms are so pretty, aren't they?
・あそこの桜を見て!(Asoko no sakura o mite!) / Look those cherry blossoms.
・上の方を見て!(Ue no hou o mite.) / Look up there!
・向こうの方を見て! (Mukou no hou o mite.) / Look over there!
・つぼみが大きくなってきてるね。(Tsubomi ga ookiku natte kiterune.)/ The buds are getting bigger.
・もうすぐ咲きそうだね。(Mousugu sakisou dane.) / They'll bloom in a few days.
・花びらが落ちて来た。(Hanabira ga ochite kita.) / The petals are falling.
・花びらつかまえよう!(Hanabira o tsukamaeyou!) / Let's catch them(the petals)!
・お花見は日本の文化の一つです。('Ohanami' is one of the Japanese culture.)

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