Japanese Phrase Picks

No.208 (3/23/12)

Raising your child using Japanese #8

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

This is one good way to practice a second language if you are in the child rearing years. I am introducing a few Japanese phrases that you can use with your child from the time he gets up to the time till your little one goes to bed. Speaking Japanese with your child at home, makes it fun and easier to remember. Enjoy Japanese life with family and friends!

・ぬりえをしよう。 (Nurie o shiyou.) / Let's do some coloring.
・お絵かきをしよう。 (Oekaki o shiyou.) / Let's do some drawing.
・絵本をよもう。 (Ehon o yomou.) / Let's do some reading.
・トランプをしよう。 (Tranpu o shiyou.) / Let's play some cards.
・DVDを見よう。 (DVD o miyou.) / Let's watch a DVD!
・踊りを踊ろう。 (Odori o odorous.) / Let's do some dancing.
・歌を歌おう。(Uta o utaou.) / Let's do some singing.
・買い物しよう。(Kaimono o shiyou.) / Let's do some shopping.
・エクササイズしよう。(Ekusasaizu o shiyou.) / I need to do some exercise.
・アイロンかけなくちゃ。 (Airon kakenakucha.) / I need to do some ironing.
・ちょっとお料理しなくちゃ。 (Chotto oryouri shinakucha.) / I need to do some cooking.
・ちょっと片付けなくちゃ。(Chotto katazukenakucha.) / I need to do some cleaning in this room.

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