Japanese Phrase Picks

No.207 (3/9/12)

Raising your child using Japanese #6
--Conversation about being injured--

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

This is one good way to practice a second language if you are in the child rearing years. I am introducing a few Japanese phrases that you can use with your child from the time he gets up to the time till your little one goes to bed. Speaking Japanese with your child at home, makes it fun and easier to remember. Enjoy Japanese life with family and friends!

・どうしたの? (Dou shitano?) / What's wrong?
・けがしたの? (Kega shitano?) / Did you get hurt?
・転んだの? (Koronda no?) / Did you fall down?
・どこが痛いの? (Doko ga itai no?) / Where did you get hurt?
・どうやってぶつけたの? (Dou yatte butsuketa no?) / How did you bump?
・(頭、肩、腕、手、足、)を壁にぶつけたの? (Atama/Kata/Ude/Te/Ashi o butsuketa no?) / Did you hit your head/ shoulder/ arm/ hand/ leg against the wall?
・ドアに指をはさんだの?(Doa ni yubi o hasandano?) / Did you pinch your fingers in the door?
・壁から飛び降りたの?(Kabe kara tobiorita no?) / Did you jump from the wall?
・足、腕をひねったの?(Ashi/ Ude o hinetta no?) / Did you twist your leg/ arm?
・痛い? (Itai?) / Does it hurt?
・歩ける? (Arukeru?) / Can you walk?
・すりむいてるね。(Surimuiterune.) / You got a scratch.
・皮がむけてるね。(Kawa ga muketerune.) / You got a scrape.
・血がでてるね。(Chi ga deterune.) / You are bleeding.
・たんこぶができてるね。(Tankobu ga detkiterune.) / You have a bump.
・やけどしてるね。(Yakedo shiterune.) / You got a burn.
・切れてるね。(Kireterune.) / You have a cut.
・あざができてるね。(Aza ga dekiterune.) / You got a bruise.
・腫れてるね。(Hareterune.) / Your arm/ leg/ is swollen. ・痛そうだねえ。(Itasou dane.) / It is painful.
・傷口を洗おう。(Kizuguti o araou.) / Wash your cut.
・薬をぬってあげるね。(Kusuri o nutte agerune.) /I'll apply the medicine to the cut.
・ばんそうこうはっておこう。(Bansoukou o hatteokou.) / I'll put a Band- aid on your cut.
・包帯を巻いてあげるね。(Houtai o maite agerune.) I'll apply the medicine to the cut.
・すぐ治るよ。(Sugu naoruyo.) / It will get well soon.
・痛いの、痛いの、飛んでいけー!(Itai no Itai no tondeike-!) / Let me kiss it and make it go away!

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