Japanese Phrase Picks

No.206 (2/24/12)

Raising your child using Japanese #6
-Discussion on feeling ill-

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

This is one good way to practice a second language if you are in the child rearing years. I am introducing a few Japanese phrases that you can use with your child from the time he gets up to the time till your little one goes to bed. Speaking Japanese with your child at home, makes it fun and easier to remember. Enjoy Japanese life with family and friends!

・どうしたの?(Doushitano?)/ What's wrong?.
・顔色が悪いよ。(Kaoiro ga waruiyo.) / You look pale.
・頭が痛いの?(Atama ga itaino?) / Do you have a headache?
・喉が痛いの?(Nodo ga itaino?) / Do you have a sore throat?
・食欲ある?(Shokuyoku aru?) / Do you have an appetite?
・寒い?(Samui?) / Are you cold?
・熱があるね。(Netsu ga arune.) / You have a fever.
・咳してるね。(Seki shiterune.) / You are coughing.
・熱を計ろう。(Netsu o hakarou.) / Let's check your temperature.
・横になった方がいいわ。(Yoko ni Natta hou ga iiwa.) / You should lie down on the bed.
・お医者さんにみてもらおう。(Oisha-san ni mitemoraou.) / Let's go to the doctor.
・風邪だって。(Kaze datte.) / You caught a cold.
・インフルエンザだって。(Innfuluenza datte.) You've got a flu.
・薬を飲もう。(Kusuri o nomou.) / Let's take a medicine.
・何か食べられる?(Nanika taberareru?) / Can you eat something?
・他に何か欲しい物ある?(Nanika hoshiimono aru?) / Do you need anything else?
・ゆっくり寝てようね。(Yukkuri nete youne.) / Get some rest.

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