Japanese Phrase Picks

No.205 (2/10/12)

Raising your child using Japanese #4
-Dining Version-

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

This is one good way to practice a second language if you are in the child rearing years. I am introducing a few Japanese phrases that you can use with your child from the time he gets up to the time till your little one goes to bed. Speaking Japanese with your child at home, makes it fun and easier to remember. Enjoy Japanese life with family and friends!

・お風呂に入ろう。(Ofuro ni hairou.)/ It's time to take a bath.
・服を脱ごう。(Fuku o nugou.) / Let's take off your clothes.
・頭を洗おう。(Atama o araou.) / Let's wash your hair.
・体を洗おう。(Karada o araou.) / Let's wash your body.
・腕・足・お腹・背中を洗おう。(Ude, ashi, onaka, senaka o araou.) Wash your arms, your feet, your tummy, your back.
・お尻を洗わせて。(Oshiri o arawasete.) / Let me wash your bottom.
・湯船に入ろう。(Yubune ni hairou.) / Let's get in the bath.
・お湯気持ちいね。(Oyu kimochii ne.) / The water feels good, doesn't it? ・あがろう。(Agarou.) / Let's get out.
・お風呂気持ちよかった?(Ofuro kimochi yokatta?) / Did you have a good bath?
・タオル取って。(Taoru totte.) / Get your towel.
・体をよく拭いてね。(Karada o yoku fuite ne.) / Dry off well.
・頭拭いてあげるね。(Atama fuite ageru ne.) / Let me dry your hair.
・体重を量ってみる?(Taiju o hakatte miru?) / You want to check your weigh?
・体重計に乗って。(Taiju kei ni notte.) / Get on the scale.
・ちょっとじっとして。(Chotto jitto shite.) / Hold still.
・何キロかな?(Nan kiro kana?) / How much do you weigh?
・わ~!おっきくなったね!(Waa! Okkiku nattane.) Wow! You are so big now!
・パジャマを着よう。(Pajama o kiyou.) / Put on your pajamas.

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