Japanese Phrase Picks

No.204 (1/27/12)

Raising your child using Japanese #3
-Dining Version-

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

This is one good way to practice a second language if you are in the child rearing years. I am introducing a few Japanese phrases that you can use with your child from the time he gets up to the time till your little one goes to bed. Speaking Japanese with your child at home, makes it fun and easier to remember. Enjoy Japanese life with family and friends!

・ごはんを食べよう。(Gohan wo tabeyou.)/ Let's eat some food!
・何食べたい?(Nani tabetai?) / What do you want to eat?
・何飲む?(Nani nomu?) / What do you want to drink?
・夕食にするわよ。(Yushoku ni suruwayo.) / We are about to have dinner.
・ご飯どう?(Gohan dou?) / How's your food?
・おいしい?(Oishii?) / Is it good?
・アーンして。(A-n shite.) / Open up.
・よく噛んで食べてね。(Yoku kande tabetene.) / Chew your food well.
・10回噛みなさい。(Jukkai kaminasai.) / Chew it ten times.
・パクッて食べて。(Pakutte tabete.) / Take a bite.
・後一口。(Ato hitokuchi.) / One more bite.
・後少し食べて。(Ato sukoshi tabete.) / Eat some more.
・少しずつ食べてね。(Sukoshi zutsu tabetene.) / Take little bites.
・のどにつまるよ。(Nodo ni tsumaru yo.) / You'll choke.
・全部食べてね。(Zenbu tabetene.) / You have to clean your plate.
・さっさと食べなさい、じゃないと片付けちゃうよ。(Sassa to tabenasai, janaito katazuke chauyo.) / Get busy eating, or I'm going to clear the table.
・もっと食べないと後でおなかすいちゃうよ。(Motto tabenaito atode onaka suichauyo.) / Eat more or you'll get hungry.
・食べ過ぎないでね。(Tabesugi naidene.) / Don't eat too much.
・遊ぶのは後にして、こっち来て食べなさい。(Asobu noha atonishite, kocchikite tabenasai.) / Come and eat before you play.
・ごはん先に食べちゃいなさい。(Ghan sakini tabechai nasai.) / Finish eating first.

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