Japanese Phrase Picks

No.202 (12/23/11)

KOTOSHI no KANJI (The Year of the Kanji)

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Since 1995, the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society began picking a kanji character from nationwide in Japan, which represents the year. Every December 12th has been called "Kanji no Hi - The Day of Kanji" since then. The Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society announces the special kanji character, which describes this year, at the most famous sightseeing spot in Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple.

The Kanji of the Year "絆" - "きずな Kizuna" meaning bond, ties 2nd "災" − "さい Sai" "わざわいWazawai" meaning misfortune, disaster 3rd "震" − "しん Shin" "ふるえるFurueru" meaning shake, quake

The previous years of Kanji 2010 − "暑" − "Atsui, Sho" meaning hot 2009 − "新" − "Atarashii, Shin" meaning new 2008 − "変" − "Kawaru, Hen" meaning strange, change 2007 − "偽" − "Itsuwaru, Gi, Nise" meaning fictitious, false 2006 − "命" −"Inochi, Mei, Myou" meaning life

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