Japanese Phrase Picks

No.185 (4/8/11)

Entrance ceremony
入学式 入学おめでとう!

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

In April, you can feel the Spring, which is the season of cherry blossoms. In Japan, we start a new school year in April with dancing cherry blossoms. All of the entrants have the entrance ceremony, in which we celebrate when new people are admitted to the school. We have entrance ceremonies in kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school and university. The entrance ceremony consists of an oration from the principal, an oath by the representative of the entrant about the protection of the rules, sing a school song and so on. The excited young people, ready to start the new year, begin school or work at their company from on that day.

Insider recommends good Sakura songs Top 3!!
1. 桜の木になろう(Sakura no Ki ni Narou)By AKB48
2. 桜坂(Sakura Zaka) By Masaharu Fukuyama
3. 桜(Sakura) By Kobukuro

We are really sorry about the people in affected areas from the disaster, and we sicncerely hope they will be able to resume their entrance ceremonies in order to have good start! Ganbare!

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