Japanese Phrase Picks

No.166 (6/25/10)

ぱなしのはなし♪ The Story of "...ing"

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

To understand this topic better, please check out a TV commercial by Japan Advertising Council (AC Japan.)

This commercial was made to encourage people to be more careful about their bad behaviors and to conserve energy. The goal of reducing carbon dioxide has become a major goal all over the world. Especially living in on-base housing, without any monthly utility bills, it is hard to be careful about utility expenses. This commercial actually helped my children not to run water while they wash their hands or brush their teeth. The Japanese rhyming jingle instantly caught their curiosity. It definitely upholds mottainai (what a waste!) spirit in their mind.

♪ だしっぱなし (Dashi panashi) Letting shower run
♪ さしっぱなし (Sashi panashi) Leaving plugs in
♪ あけっぱなし (Ake panashi) Leaving fridge door open
♪ ながしっぱなし (Nagashi panashi) Running water
♪ かけっぱなし (Kake panashi) Leaving air-conditioning on
♪ つけっぱなし (Tsuke panashi) Leaving lights on
♪ 小さなようで、大きなはなし (Chiisana youde, Okina hanashi) They seem small, but it's a big deal.
♪ ぱなし ばかしじゃ 地球も かなし (Panashi bakashi ja chikyuu mo kanashi) Always “...ing,” the earth feels sad.
♪ ぱなしは なしって はなしです (Panashi wa nashi te hanashi desu)That is the story of “No more ~ ing (Panashi).”

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