Japanese Phrase Picks

No.165 (6/11/10)

Yard Sale

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Spring is finally here! When it comes to Spring, yard sales can be seen everywhere on base. Many Japanese families are very interested in finding rare items. If you could friendly approach them with some Japanese, it would be very helpful for your customers and could bring great sales.

Good morning: Ohayougozaimasu. (おはようございます。)
Hello: Konniciwa (こんにちは。)
What are you looking for?: Nani o sagashiteimasuka? 何をさがしていますか?)
How much is this?: Kore wa ikura desuka? これはいくらですか?)
It is ...yen/ dollars. : ...yen desu. (...円です。)
How about this?: Kore wa doudesuka? (これはどうですか?)
Instructions come with it. / does not come with is.: Setsumeisho ga arimasu./ arimasen. (説明書があります。/ ありません。)
We are open till...: ...ji made yatteimasu. (...時までやっています。)
I can lower the price for you.: Yasuku shimasuyo. (安くしますよ。)
I'll give you this for free.: Kore was service desu. (これはサービスです。)
I get bags for you.: Fukuro ni iremasu. (袋にいれます。)
Do you need a bag?: Fukuro ga hitsuyou desuka? (袋が必要ですか?)
Please hold on.: Chotto Matte. (ちょっと待って。)
Here are changes.: Otsuri desu. (おつりです。)
I’m sorry we are out of changes.: Otsuriga arimasen. (おつりがありません。)
We deliver (don't deliver) to your house.: Haitasu shimasu./ shimasen. (配達します。/ しません。)
Please be careful: Ki o tsuketekudasai. (気をつけてください。)
Do you need help?: Tetsudaimashouka? (手伝いましょうか?)
Are you ok?: Daijoubudesuka? (大丈夫ですか?)
It is sold: Baiyaku zumi desu. (売約済みです。)
No Claim/No Return: Claim Henpin Henkin wa okotowari. (ノークレーム/ノーリターン)
It is over. / We are closed: Mise jimai desu. (店じまいです。)
Thank you. Come again: Arigatou. Mata, Kitene. (ありがとう。また来てね。)

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