Japanese Phrase Picks

No.164 (5/28/10)

自動販売機(Jidou Hanbaiki -- Vending Machines

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

While you live in Japan, you would definitely fall in love with convenience stores for their simplicity and accessibility. You will find nothing comparable anywhere in the world but in Japan. The same is true for vending machines. You can purchase not only drinks but also ice creams, snacks, foods, papers, tickets etc. There are several useful words you may want to remember when you want to purchase products from vending machines.

札: Satsu (bills)
硬貨: Kouka (coins)
おつり: Otsuri (changes)
つり切れ: Tsurigire (out of changes)
温かい/あたたかーい: Atatakai (Hot drinks: usually red colors)
冷たい/つめたーい: Tsumetai (Cold drinks: usually blue color buttons)
コーヒー/珈琲: Coffee
紅茶: Koucha (Red tea)
果汁...%: Kajyuu (Fruit Juice)
乳酸飲料: Nyuusan Inryou (Lactic drink)
茶・緑茶: Cha/Ryokucha (Green tea)
レモネード: Lemonade
ココア: Kokoa (Cocoa)
スープ: Soup
おしるこ: Oshiruko (Sweet warm redbeans soup)

Some of coffee vending machines, which serve your drink in the paper cup, may let you adjust your coffee to your preference by pushing buttons for cream, sugar, and those amounts.

クリーム: Cream
砂糖: Satou (Sugar)
濃いめ: Koime (Bold)
うすめ: Usume (Light)
多め: Oome (More)
少なめ: Sukuname (Less)
しばらくお待ちください。: Shimabraku Omachikudasai. (Please hold for a moment.)

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