Japanese Phrase Picks

No.163 (5/14/10)

Buying Donuts

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

I introduced baked doughnuts in the recipe section. Once you live in Japan, you definitely should try Japanese sweets. There are a variety of cakes, pastries, and desserts available in local supermarkets or cake shops. For those people who hesitate to try something new before knowing what it is, the following phrases may be helpful:

What is this? (Kore wa nan desu ka? これはなんですか?)
What is this made from? (Kore wa nani de dekitei masu ka? これは何でできていますか?)
What is inside this? (Kono nakami wa nan desu ka? この中身はなんですか?)
When does this spoil? (Itsu waru kunari masu ka? いつ悪くなりますか?)
*Expiration Date (賞味期限 Shoumi kigen: The date for the best consumption (消費期限 Shouhi kigen: The due date)
What is your recommendation? (Osusume wa nan desu ka? お勧めはなんですか?)
Which one is the most popular item? (Ichiban ninki no shouhin wa dore desu ka? 一番人気の商品はどれですか?)
Do you have ... in this? (...wa haittei masu ka? ...は、入っていますか?)
*Apply the following words in ....
- Milk (gyuunyuu 牛乳)
- Nuts (nattsu ナッツ)
- Eggs (tamago 卵)
- Liqueur (likyuuru リキュール)
- Whip cream (nama cream 生クリーム)

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