Japanese Phrase Picks

No.160 (3/26/10)

School Supplies

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief EditorAs the big heavy snow fall for the last time, I hope spring will be just around the corner. Many hope for a new beginning especially for students and their parents. Japan sells a huge variety of high quality stationeries. You can purchase them at bookstores or AEON Shimoda mall. So, let me introduce some new relevant vocabulary this time.

Where are the office supplies/ school supplies? (Bunbougu wa doko ni arimasuka?: 文房具はどこにありますか?)
Please apply the following word after “Where is …?”

Eraser: Keshigomu (消しゴム)
Pencil: Enpitsu (鉛筆)
Pen: Pen (ペン)
Mechanical pencil: Shar pen (シャーペン)
Lead: Shin (芯)
Permanent marker: Yusei marker (油性マーカー)
Erasable marker: Suisei marker (水性マーカー)
Ballpoint pen: Ball pen (ボールペン)
Glue: Nori (のり)
Scissors: Hasami (はさみ)
Cutter: Cutter (カッター)
Stapler: Hocchikisu (ホッチキス)
Pencil sharpener: Enpitsu Kezuri (鉛筆削り)
Color pencil: Iro enpitsu (色鉛筆)
Crayon: Kureyon (クレヨン)
Tape: Sero Tape (セロテープ)
Pencil case: Fudebako (筆箱)
Notebook: Note (ノート)
Packing tape: Gum Tape (ガムテープ)
Post it pad: Post it / Fusen (ポストイット/ふせん)
Water color: Enogu (絵の具)
Clay: Nendo (粘土)
Calligraphy set: Shodougu (書道具)
Abacus: Soroban (そろばん)
Ruler: Jougi (定規)
Paper clip: Clip (クリップ)
Highlighter: Keikou pen (蛍光ペン)

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