Japanese Phrase Picks

No.159 (3/12/10)

Getting Discount

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Many of you may have been to large stores for electronics such as K's or the Yamada Denki near Toy R Us in Hachinohe. However, the quantity of items offered in these stores can be a little overwhelming for you to find what you want. Also, many large appliances or products such as refrigerators, TVs, or washing machines etc. may not show the current prices due to the campaign discount. I hope the following phrases help your shopping.

Excuse me. (Sumimasen. すみません。)
Does anyone speak English? (Dareka Eigo o hanaseru hito ga imasuka? 誰か英語を話せる人がいますか?)
Where is ________? (_______ wa doko ni arimasuka? ______はどこにありますか?)

TV (Televi てれび)
Refrigerator (Reizouko 冷蔵庫)
Washing Machine (Sentakuki 洗濯機)
Dryer (Kansouki 乾燥機) *Most of washers and dryers are all in one in Japan.
Games (Geimu ゲーム)
Toys (Omocha おもちゃ)
Audio(Audio オーディオ)
Heater (Heater ヒーター)
Humidifier (Kashitsuki 加湿器)

Air cleaner (Kuuki Seijouki 空気清浄機) Kitchen products (Kitchen youhin キッチン用品)

How much is this product? (Kono shouhin wa ikura desuka? この商品はいくらですか?)
Can you lower the price? (Sukoshi sagete moraemasuka? 少し下げてもらえますか?)
Does this come with any warranties? (Hoshou ga tsukimasuka? 保証がつきますか?)
Which one do you recommend? (Dore ga osusumedesuka? どれがおすすめですか?)
Do you have a different color? (Iro chigai wa arimasuka? 色違いはありますか?)
When do you have the item? (Itsu nyuuka shimasuka? いつ入荷しますか?)
Do you deliver the item? (Haisou dekimasuka?? 配送できますか?)
Can I use my points from my membership card? (Point nebiki dekimasuka? ポイント値引きできますか?)
I do not need points, but can you lower the price for those points? (Point no kawari ni genkin nebiki dekimasuka? ポイントの代わりに現金値引きできますか?)

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