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By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

February 14 is St. Valentine's Day in many countries, when people cherish their love with their loved ones. Generally speaking, the event is, relatively from women to men, a one-way expression in Japan. It could be from mothers to children, female office workers to male bosses or co-workers, or from girls to boys in school. Meanwhile, March 14th is White Day in Japan. Men give small gifts of candies, cookies, or marshmallows with special items such as clothes, bags, accessories etc. to women in return. Let’s practice some more Japanese through expressing your love to the special people in your life.

I love you.
(Anata o ai shite imasu. あなたを愛しています。)
(Ai shiteru. 愛してる。) -- casually
(Daisuki! 大好き!) -- frankly

I like you.
(Anata ga suki desu. あなたが好きです。)
(Suki. 好き) -- casually

I care about you.
(Anata o omotte imasu. あなたを想っています。)

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