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No.248 (11/22/13)

Dotonbori District in Osaka

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Dotonbori is one of the go-to tourist destinations in Osaka. This one street attraction runs alongside the Dotonbori canal between the Dotonbori bridge and the Nippon bridge.
Dotonbori was always famous for its theater such as Kabuki, light comedy, and a Japanese puppet show. But these attractions are all gone now. Now, there are a lot of stores, restaurants, Izakayas (after work drinking establishments), hotels, electrical shops, factories, movie theaters and more in Dotonbori. Today, Dotonbori shows us its neon, Glico’s Giant electronic display and their many unique cubic signboards.
Glico is a Japanese candy company. The sign is a picture of a man wearing a white suit which originates from the package of their first selling caramel in 1935. The man was called “Goal in mark” and this picture is very well known in Japan. If you have a chance to go to Osaka, its highly suggested that you take part in a tradition that has lasted decades and take a picture with the Glico sign. Don’t forget to eat all the delicious Takoyaki (Octopus dumpling), Oknomiyaki (friend pancake) and Glico sweets you can find!

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