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No.246 (10/25/13)

Japanese candies!

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Looking forward to Halloween, we might need some snacks for trick and treating. It is always good to learn about some Japanese snacks because its good for you to try a kind of food you never had. You might have a chance to go to a different country in your future, it is a way to enjoy being in another country. It shows you what they believe in as well as what they view as delicacies. So when you get an opportunity, try some Japanese snacks!

Kinoko no yama which translates to mushroom mountain.
It looks like a mushroom with a chocolate cap and a biscuit stalk. Takenoko no sato, or bamboo village, is shaped like baby bamboo. These are biscuits coated in chocolate. These treats have been loved in Japan for a long time!

Kinoko no yama for adult, Takenoko no sato for adult
These compaies now have put a new twist on the Mushroom Mountains and Bamboo Village. They have new product of Kinoko no yama and Takenoko no sato for adult. Of course, children can eat them too. The chocolate for these snacks have a rich cocoa flavor and slightly sweeter. You may like it more than original ones. These are items that sell very quickly, and is sold out more often then not. When you do find them, you should buy it fast and see if you like it any more than the original!

Giant Caplico
Giant Caplico looks like ice cream, but it is made of a cone with chocolate in the center. The chocolate is very smooth and is soft and pleasant on the tongue. The pink one is strawberry flavor and panda one is cookie and cream flavor. They have assorted box which contains chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor and vanilla flavor. On top of all of those they also have baby caplico series. It has 10 baby caplico in a bag.
During the winter time, grab a Giant Caplico sometimes instead of ice cream, it will keep you warmer and satisfy your sweet tooth!. It is good!

Milky is a treat that is very famous for Japanese people. The candy is tasty with a creamy vanilla flavor. They even have a Milky Cone that tastes delicious! The commercial is very famous as well. Its song. "♪Milky ha mama no aji" means Milky tastes like mom made it! The song is around 30 years old but most of 30 - 40 year old people know that song by heart. On top of the cute chant and wonderful flavor, the little character Peco chan is loved by many Japanese people from children to adult.

Pop candy
Another famous Japanese treat is lollipops! This candy is very famous in Japan. The lollipop is bite size and it is good to give to children because they don't swallow it. The lollipop has 4 flavors, strawberry, peach, grape and orange. They offer lollipop candy for Halloween and the children love it! We have more snacks we would like to introduce. Wait for next time and try these snacks while you wait!

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