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No.244 (9/27/13)

Delicious Foods from Circle K Sunkus.

By Emiko S. Staff Writer

In our last edition, we introduced Lawson's new food selections. Today, we are going to introduce Circle K sunkus's delicious new foods too! There is a Circle K Sunkus right outside the main gate. You can get there very easily and buy refreshments or snack at this wonderful connivence store! Circle K Sunkus has some very original brands, "Cherie Dolce" and "Rubetta". Cherie Dolce provides a variety of high quality desserts, gelato and coffee which tastes refreshing. Rubetta means "I want to eat up the meal!" Rubetta provides authentic Italian and French style dishes cooked to order and ready to eat. They are trying to make delicious food everyday. It's easy to recognize Circle K Sunkus as just a connivence store but I believe it can easily be looked at as an easy and affordable way to grab a delicious meal without going too far! Here are some of the original foods Circle K Sunkus has to offer.

Green Tea Pudding - 150 yen

This Green Tea Pudding tastes very rich. It is made slowly with low temperature that texturizes the pudding to be very smooth. This pudding is a wonderful dessert and made beautifully by Cherie Dolce.

Italian Pescatore Pasta- 460 yen

This appetizing mixture of seafood, veggies and pasta is a wonderful way to quench a watering mouth. This meal is full of squid, shrimp, clam, scallops, broccoli and olives on top of pescatore pasta with a rich tomato sauce. This meal is absolutely delicious and made from Rubetta.

Curry pan (Curry bread) - 110 yen

When you feel the need for a little curry, look no farther then Circle K Sunkus's Curry Bread. This naan bread is deep friend with Japanese style curry inside. It is a great little midday snack or a wonderful addition to an already great meal!

Kushikatsu (Pork on a stick)- 120 yen

Just looking to snack a bit? Deep fried pork grilled on a skewer is easy way to eat when you feel kind of hungry. This pork on a stick tastes great and is really affordable!

Cup of Aoba noodles - 198 yen

Aoba is one of the famous noodle shops in Japan. This cup of noodles is presented in exactly the same flavor of Aoba's ramen which is full of a rich soy sauce flavor. You can eat it for 198 yen and it only takes 4 minutes to prepare a nationally beautiful food!

Shiratama Cream Zenzai - 230 yen

This is a dessert I personally feel you need to try at least once. This kind of sweet mochi is made with shiratama flour and looks kind of like wonderfully sweet cotton balls. Then they are topped with ice cream and sticky rice flour dumplings. It is a great sweet, summery treat that you can eat year-round to forget the dreary days a bit! Try it once! I bet you, you will like it! This version is from Cherie Dolce.

Fruit Smoothie - 198 yen

Want a treat but don't want the unnecessary calories? Cherie Dolce has a few different yogurt and fruit smoothies! They are full of fruits like peaches, apples and bananas and some wonderful yogurt! It is a great way to solve your sweet tooth without going overboard! This is from Cherie Dolce.

Next time you are on your way and pass a Circle K Sunkus, stop on in and try one of these amazing treats! Circle K Sunkus >>>

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