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No.243 (9/13/13)

Introduce New Foods from Lawson

By Emiko S. Staff Writer

Lawson's are all around Japan! Here in Misawa it is a common name and one many people go to pay bills, buy refreshments from and even snack at! But you would hardly be able to believe the kinds of food you can now buy at Lawsons!

Curry Udon (Curry Noodles) - 398 yen

Curry based demi-glaze sauce, cheese, pork and long onion are on top of these famous noodles. All you have to do to enjoy a mouth watering Japanese flavor is heat it up!

Pork Cutlet Roll and Yakiniku Roll - 330 yen

Looking for some pork or beef, but don't feel like cooking it and preparing it yourself? Stop by Lawsons for some Pork cutlets and Yakiniku, barbecued beef, with chili bean sauce Roll. It is a wonderful way to eat while you are on the go!

Fried Rice Onigiri - 125 yen

Want to cook on your own? You can make onigiri, fried rice with roasted pork and soy sauce. It is tasty, easy to eat and very affordable!

Yakisoba noodle - 398 yen

Want to eat yakisoba but don't want to wait at a restaurant? Lawson's has some yakisoba to go. It's convenient and tastes great!

Chocolate and Coffee flavor Parfait - 380 yen

Want to cool down or looking for a lovely treat? Try Lawson's Parfaits! This one has coffee jello in a bottom, chocolate flavored sponge cake and whipped cream in the middle and chocolate brownie with chocolate mousse on top! It is absolutely wonderful!

Next time you are on your way and pass a Lawson's, you can try one of these amazing treats!


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