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By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

First of all, I would like to truly thank the Misawa McDonald's and the staff to support The Insider for a long time and also to be such a great supporter for the local community and Misawa Air Base. Their professionalism and high quality of service in the fast food industry, especially the Misawa branch is truly amazing and outstanding.

On June 18 th , the Misawa McDonald's gave a taste testing of their new items, such as the Quarter Pounder BLT and Habanero Chili burgers before last weekend's limited pre-sales. Some of you may have already seen our pre-announcement on our website and actually tried them already. If you have not, I hope you to try them as soon as possible during the summer.

The new menu is available from June 21st through August 29 th (the dates are subject to change.)

The concept of this promotion is “BITE!” which applied to the top Japanese pro-soccer player, Keisuke Honda, who is known as a big mouth and absolute competitive star player, to be a hot campaign character. The BLT offers a great amount of vegetables with a quarter pounder beef patty by adding three slices of crunchy bacon with two kinds of sauces and cheese. The lemon mayo which is used for the Teriyaki Burger and creamy yellow mustard sauce truly enhance the change of flavors as you take more bites. The Habanero chili burger is quite spicy, but increases your appetite even in the hot summer. They both are quite large and fill your stomach. However, the fresh lettuce and tomato are helpful not to feel that heavy to your stomach. The price for the single order or combo meal can be a little pricier than any other meals, but are worth trying. These were already out in the market back in the States, and then McDonald's Japan recommended them over this summer by the guaranteed reviews. Furthermore, they are also selling new desserts, a yogurt shake, strawberry and yogurt McFlurry and McFloat Coke and Iced Coffee. I absolutely recommend you all to order the Habanera Chili with the coke float! You can upgrade your combo meal drink to these float drinks for additional fees. McDonald's Japan always brings more upcoming food menus throughout a year.

The followings are real comments at the tasting test.

“What an exciting treat for Misawa! The BLT reminded me of burgers back home.”

“The BLT sauces are never dull in my mouth and perfect for the summer appetite.”

“Children and adults both will love the new desserts.”

“I thought I could not finish them all, but I could not resist finishing them up because they were so tasty.”

When are you going to check this out at McDonald's Misawa?

Absolutely now!

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