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No.237 (6/14/13)

American Day: Fun and Learning Style!

By Ashley Prochaska
Guest Writer

American Day at The Fun and Learning Center was a spectacular event for both American and Japanese citizens. We were able to help the neighboring residents tour our preschool facility and watch how Americans teach 2 to 6 year olds at preschool. We offered an array of services for our patronage. We sold baked goods provided by our parents and teachers AT The Fun and Learning Center and also supplied a small flea market experience for the customers to partake in. In addition, our certified teachers also instructed 3 half-hour KinderJam sessions for the children and parents alike.

The Fun and Learning Center prides itself on its ability to combine kinesthetic learning with hands-on projects and dramatic play activities. We believe that the best way to get children involved in and passionate about their learning is to jump in with both feet. That's why we have decided to add KinderJam to our every day curriculum starting in July. During American Day, we wanted a way to introduce new children to an upbeat, fun and enticing way of learning English and kindergarten skills while still sticking to national preschool standards.

American Day was a great way to introduce new parents to The Fun and Learning Center but we are always willing to give you a tour of our facility and we thoroughly invite you to join our KinderJam days to see how exciting and extraordinary our curriculum can be!

During the summer The Fun and Learning Center has even more to offer! We will be continuing to better our services for our preschool families but also providing an introductory Spanish summer program for children aged five to ten. The day will include hands-on activities, Spanish exercises and games with plenty of math, reading and writing to keep our brains active during our summer break! The class will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am-12:00pm starting July 1st and continuing until August 16th. There is also a lunch option for your child to join so they may stay until 12:30. The price is on a per class basis. We offer one class a week for $20 or 3 classes a week for $50. Hurry and sign up at FLC by calling 0176-53-7936 or visiting us in the Sky Plaza on the 3rd floor! Spots are limited so save yours today!

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