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No.236 (5/10/13)

Tamura Photo Studio

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Taking photos using your smart phones or tablets is so common these days. Current technology makes everything digitalized and simply convenient such as photo framing pictures on a computer, sharing them by email, or displaying them automatically on a TV screen. However, sometimes I stop myself and feel a little hesitant of how quickly those images are just flashing in front of my eyes as if you just hear music streaming, but not really listening to actual songs.

Since we moved to Misawa 6 years ago, our tradition is taking photos occasionally at TAMURA PHOTO STUDIO (by New Miyaki / the Chinese restaurant outside the Main Gate.) For example, we visit their studio for my children's birthdays, memorial photos, family gatherings, Japanese cultural events, etc. They have a great package deal, great services and you can see their prices in their ad. I like to be surrounded by my family photos at home and enjoy actually looking at old photos. Have you ever accidently found an old photo while you were cleaning your junk drawer or bookshelf? Then, you just gaze at the photo as all the memories flash back. I feel more special from classic photos than digital images because I can see real smiles in my family's eyes when I share the photo with them.

TAMURA PHOTO STUDIO has been a family owned business in Misawa for 70 years. Currently, Mr. and Mrs. Tamura, and their daughter work together. They are skilled with photo settings and the photo shootings. Mrs. Tamura and her daughter also know how to put a traditional kimono on and do hair and make-up for each customer. Not just for the Japanese kimono photo package, but they can also accommodate different photo styles with a variety of screen backgrounds per your request, even with your pets! You can review the proofs of your photos the very next day and choose what you would like to order. If you would like expedited service, you may request the proofs in 10 minutes, and pick-up is available in one hour. They also take trips down to local Japanese schools for group photos. So, if you request, they can take your photos outside in the local area. I personally like have special photos preserved in an album book to keep them in great condition. They can also do reprints from photos to photos. If you are looking for reasonable and reliable photographers, TAMURA STUDIO is the best in Misawa!

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