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No.234 (4/12/13)

What a Magical Event!

By Ashley Prochaska
Guest Writer

Magic is coming alive right here in Misawa! Once a month M.A.P., Misawa Access Publications, puts on an exciting event for children between the ages of one and seven. M.A.P. is a non-profit organization that aims to brings cultures, families, and children together in an area that keeps everyone smiling and creates everlasting memories. Through monthly events they bring both American and Japanese families together for a chance to bond through their children.

These monthly events start at 11:00am, one Saturday per month and last about an hour to an hour and a half. They only cost 500 yen, or $5 for military, per child. These events bring an exhilarating session of English learning with KinderJam and then a small taste of The Fun and Learning Center with an activity for children and parents to enjoy.

KinderJam is a very fun, high-energy music and movement program that reinforces beginning English with a “learning by doing” model. It is a great way to help children learn and practice their ABC's, colors and so much more! KinderJam with Miss Margaret keeps kids on their feet and provides a wonderful place for children to use their energy to their advantage.

Following the thirty-minute KinderJam session, The Fun and Learning Center leads a small parent and child activity. At these events, families get to see a little peek of Center and the extraordinary programs they offer. In the past months MAP and The Fun and Learning Center has provided Christmas parties, puppet shows, egg hunts and more!

However, this month they have found something even better, on May 18th, The Fun and Learning Center is thrilled to present a magic show for children and parents alike! At around 11:30 there will be a real, live magician to show children the wonders of the unknown! This activity will be an interactive phenomenon full of illusions, amazement and magical charms!

Some upcoming events from M.A.P.

May 18th- The Magic Show
June 2nd- Bake/Yard Sale
July- Camp Fire Fun
August- A Summer Scavenger Hunt
To find out more information or sign up for this event, you can contact The Fun and Learning Center at 0176-53-7936 or and secure your seat! Make your Saturday, May 18th a magical day to remember!

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