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No.225 (12/14/12)

Misawa's Jr. Ice Hockey Club in the McDonald Cup

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

The McDonald Cup Tournament was held November 15 ? 18 at Hachinohe Tanabu Ice Arena. Eight teams participated in this tournament. Five teams were from Hachinohe city. The other four teams were from Aomori city, in the Ninohe city , Fukuchi village and Misawa city. The tournament was divided into groups depending on the participants age and ability.

Misawa Jr. Ice Hockey Club Team A and B, both put forth great effort and did their best in the competition.

Misawa Jr. Ice Hockey Club Team A won first place. They have been winning games in the area since the beginning of the season and they hope to continue their season with victories. Misawa Jr. Team B continued to show great sportsmanship and talent. They pushed a hard game and just narrowly lost the final. Despite the loss, I know both teams are to be admired for their hard work and dedication and wish them all the best in their future games.

For those who are interested in joining Misawa Jr. Ice Hockey Club , please feel free to email Mrs. Taeko Koizumi to ty.misawajunior(a t ) Practice are normally held at Misawa Ice Arena on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 18:15 during the season.

Misawa Jr. Ice Hockey team

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