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No.214 (6/22/12)

Fun and Learning Center on American Day

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

The Fun and Learning Center had activities as part of American Day. They had a bouncy house and we could play in it for free. Children waited in line to play in the bouncy house. I took my kids to play in it. They looked so happy while they were jumping.

They also offered tours of the FLC facility throughout the day. We took a tour and could take a look at the facility and got some food. The Fun and Learning Center’s staff served spam onigiri (rice balls), salmon onigiri, and yakitori (grilled chicken on a stick) for people who took the tour and came into the facility. The spam onigiri was nice! And we were able to have our kids play at the FLC for a short time. FLC had its own playroom and many toys and we could also play with some puzzles, do some drawing, and do puzzle rings on that day. When we left the FLC, they gave us a small bag with some snacks in it. My kids were so pleased to get this. The FLC staff is so nice. We had a good experience at the Fun and Learning Center during the American Day Festival. If you are interested in the Fun and Learning Center, you could take a look there anytime. Feel free to call.

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