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No.212 (5/25/12)

Gobou Burger

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Gobou Burger

After the beautiful cherry blossom season passed, the warm climate gradually arrived in the Misawa community. I would like people on base to explore the local towns and join a lot of fun events here and there. Soon, Misawa’s other large event, American Day, will be held on June 3rd. The main site should be right out front of the Misawa Air Base main gate. You will find tasteful foods and fun activities at Sky Plaza Misawa. The Sky Plaza Misawa usually sells local fresh foods, commercial souvenir gifts, a variety of unique import items and snacks etc. The Insider has been introducing a few items, which can enhance our recipe corner or the topics of seasonal items and so on. Then, now I would like to introduce a new local characteristic item in this edition. That is Gobou Burger. When you walk in the shopping area, there is a wagon with homemade deli items near the casher. The burger is made by Mr. Kiyoharu Shimoda in Touhoku town, running a family owned restaurant “DEN 田.” He arranged the local cropped burdock root, onion, potato and turned them into a healthy burger. The set is only 400 yen including fried chicken and French fries. It lightly fills your stomach for lunch and is very limited to purchase. You can sometimes find just a single sandwich instead of the set. Recently, I also found a new item, Loco Moco Hamburg steak set. It is fun to walk around the plaza and try this great food. Enjoy the weather and unique items in Misawa!

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