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No.211 (5/11/12)

Aomori Little Rookies Tournament

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

On April 21st and 22nd, the 14th Aomori Little Rookies Tournament sponsored by Misawa City's East Rotary Club took place at the Misawa Ice Arena. Twelve teams mostly from Hachinohe, Fukuchi, Ninohe and Misawa and also about 30 players from Miyagi where they went through enormous difficulties when March 11th earthquake struck Japan last year. Most of the players had to cancel the last season practices and lost the opportunity to participate in this annual big event. Nevertheless, they all worked hard through the inconvenient time and improved their skating skills.

Misawa Junior B team had to go against older players and were completely destroyed by the big loss. However, the Misawa little rookies from five to eight years old energetically played the game and earned a great team work throughout the tournament. Keisuke Taneichi (5) scored one goal in the second game from the team with mostly the fourth graders. Misawa Junior A team won two games and received third place. Furthermore, the number 22 player Toby Hanada (8) did most of the scoring and assisted many of the team goals. He received one of MVPs and earned a medal at the closing ceremony on Sunday.

Their on-ice practice is ended now. Now they start dry land training on the weekends from 9:00 and 12:00 at the parking of Misawa Ice Arena. More advanced players and Misawa Junior High School players are planning to challenge inline skating throughout this summer. They are anxiously waiting for the Misawa Ice Arena to resume after the short summer.

Every summer, Misawa City runs a costume parade for the summer festival. This year it will be August 20, Saturday, at 15:00 starting from the front of Misawa City Office. Then, the team will definitely show off their exciting performance and their strong ties.

The team is looking for new players and English assistance is available. If anyone is interested in having their children experience a great opportunity to develop physical strength and learn sportsmanship, Misawa Jr. Ice Hockey Club is a wonderful team. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Taeko Gordon. Email to

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