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No.208 (4/13/12)

Nanohana Plaza - Michinoeki Yokohana (Roadside station)

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

We got a lot of snow this year; however, we will eventually welcome beautiful warm days. Sooner or later, this cold northern region also will be covered by spring colors. In spring, sakura,or cherry blossoms, are very poplar in Japan. That beauty can be compared to nothing. While you live in Misawa, you should check the additional spring beauty, Nanohana, yellow mustard colored flowers similar to canola flowers. The best place near the Misawa base is Naohana Plaza, a little northern from Noheji town. You can get there by driving Route 4 and taking onto Noheji bypass or Route 249 called Hamanasu line along Mutsu Bay.

The plaza is located in Yokohama town as one of roadside stations called Michinoeki, which is a convenient rest stop for road trips. Michinoeki is a community plaza and normally provides dining, bathroom, gift shops and local fresh plants, flowers and vegetables. In May, the Nanohana Plaza gets busy with travelers, who come and go to Aomori city, Mutsu area or the north east of Aomori along the Pacific Ocean.

The Insider Recommends the Top 5 at Nanohana Plaza

1.Nanohana Soft Cream - a milky lime green color ice cream in a cone, which is made from local canola.
2.Nanohana Doughnuts - plain Nanohana Doughnuts are simple and lightly sweet for a quick snack.
3.Big Hotate Fry - New deep fried scallop is now a big hit at the plaza.
4.Nanohana Oil - Extra virgin pure oil made from Nanohana is very rare and a great use for cooking.
5.Nanohana Honey - Honey is purely made from the local Nanohana in Yokohama town.
Business Hours (April - October): 8:00 - 18:00

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