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No.207 (3/9/12)


By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

March is here and it seems time for the thaw to begin. But we have lots of snow every March in Misawa, don't we? Do you think we will have lots of snow this year too?
I think we probably will!
Anyway, March and April is the moving season in Japan. Many students change schools and many adults change job locations during this season. So they need to relocate.
Sapporo Inn is one of the very good apartments available in Misawa and one our long-term sponsors. We would like to introduce you to the Sapporo Inn today.

Sapporo Inn has American Style furnished apartments for short-term or long term rental. The furnished apartment includes TV, bed, couch, dining table and chairs, refrigerator, gas range, microwave, washing machine and dryer, heaters, and air conditioners. So you don't need to bring or buy anything, just come and live there. Sapporo Inn is located at Hirahata Misawa and is 2 minutes by car to the Main Gate and 5 minutes by car to the airport. It is a nice location and very conveniently located near the Base.
There are 2 types of rooms, one bedroom and two bedrooms. A one bedroom is 80,000 yen per month and a 2 bedroom is 100,000 yen per month and parking is free. Heaters are in every room and the air conditioners are in the bedrooms. Utilities are not included and will be at your own cost (electricity, gas, water kerosene, trash, internet fees, etc) and run approximately 30,000-50,000 per month.

They provide the AFN satellite services for your conveniences. We installed the AFN DISH at our facility. Please rent your own tuner from FMO or BX customer service. then simply sust plug in and you can watch the base channels. If you need Internet services, you need to make a contract with an Internet service provider on your own.
There is a BBQ in the courtyard a
nd you can BBQ anytime you want. In the summer the owner keeps the lawn cut and in the winter he shovels the snow. So, you don't need to worry about any of that all year. The owner's office is in the apartment complex so he said if a woman lives alone, it is safe. And if you have any trouble, the owner will handle it as soon as possible. That is, he will always try his best! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the owner! We hope you enjoy living in Misawa!

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