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No.206 (2/24/12)

Have You Heard of Nitrogen Enhanced Water?

By Keiko H. Johnson
Staff Writer

A few years ago, while I was still living in Misawa, I absolutely clung to the classes the Misawa Base Gym had offered, especially the Zumba classes. These were the best aerobic workouts I had ever done. For the purpose of physical fitness and prevention of certain illnesses, regular exercise has been emphasized. What is important during exercising is to hydrate. Water has always been known as the best liquid to hydrate your body, and I consider not only the amount of water I intake, but also the quality of water I put in my body is also just as valuable. This is how I began to use the product called Dr. Suisosui: the hydrogen enhanced water filter.

Water safety has been the biggest concern to all of us. One of the ways to get rid of toxins and harmful chemicals such as chlorine and other organic contaminants from the water is to filter the water with an active carbon filter. These filters have become popular these days and are considered the best way to remove the toxins from the water.

Dr. Suisosui: the hydrogen enhanced water filter, on the other hand, adds Hydrogen into the water to reduce the oxidation of your body. Since the hydrogen is the smallest molecule, which because it reaches the cells and passes through the cell membrane, is the most direct anti-oxidant. The Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition reported the Hydrogen treatment significantly increased antioxidant enzyme activity, decreased lipid peroxide levels and decreased circulating pro-inflammatory cytokine levels, thus, the molecule has antioxidant and anti-apoptotic properties that can protect the brain against ischemia-induced injury and stroke by selectively neutralizing the detrimental. If you are interested in reading the full article, go to the web site:

I have been using these products for quite a while and I love them. I purchase them online, and it seems to boost my energy and helps me recover from muscle fatigue, especially during and after exercising. If you are interested in these products, just search ドクター水素水 on the web. Filter your own bottled water with the Dr. Suisosui, which perhaps is more powerful than any single vitamin supplement or food because hydrogen supplies tons of extra electrons to your body every time you take a the sip.

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