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No.204 (1/27/12)

This is the Teppan!

By the Insider and Anonymous

Teppan (鉄板) literally means a steel plate; for example, a cooking station you often see in a steakhouse. Nowadays, the word can be used as a Japanese slang meaning for "This is it!" It implies that the thing is certain and permissive as hard as the steel plate is. Here are the things and ideas you may find useful or interesting as it can be difficult to find outside the Japan.

Sabotta Ring (さぼったリング)
A toilette cleaning item. Just putting a tablet in a toilette and leaving for a few hours bring the best result simply and easily.

Mimikaki (Ear Cleaners/耳かき)
There are a variety of ear cleaning tools in Japan.

Aodake Fumi (Bamboo Foot Massage/青竹踏み)
Putting the foot massage on the ground and just stepping on it can stimulate your inner body for your good health.

Mentholatum Medicated Lipstick/ Kiss Me Lip
A cute nurse and the green package can be easily found in most of drugstores. This is the most effective and economical chap stick for your cold sore or dry lips. The menthol gives you a soothing effect.
Kiss Me Lip can be purchased at the supermarket, Maeda. It has Vitamin E and very easy and soft on you lips when you have severe soreness.

DAYSO Laundry Kits
There are a variety laundry items from DAYSO (100yen Store.) Laundry bags from small to large can be used for clothes and fabric items. A round shape one can be used for women's underwear and delicate items such as silky socks and pantyhose. You can find the laundry net as you can lay your sweater flat instead of handing and stretching the shape.

Rishiri Konbu (Seaweed Home Hair Color Treatment/ 利尻昆布ヘアカラートリートメント)
For your gray hair, the new treatment is now popular in black, dark brown and light brown.

Ashi Tsubo Kenko Slippers (Reflexology Health Slippers/足つぼ健康マッサージスリッパ)
As you run around the house for your house chores, the bumpy surface on a pair of slippers give you a great massage.

OXY Deep Cleansing
A series of OXY skin care products by RHOTO shows great effect on undesirable pimples and very poplar for young generation.

Sugar on Bruise
This is an old wives' tell in Japan. If you or a little kid falls and hits a face, before it starts swollen or becomes a dark bruise, completely cover the insured spot with moist sugar and leave it till dry. It reduces the swollenness and avoids from becoming a dark bruise.

Nisshin Cup Noodles (日清カップヌードル)
There are seafood, curry and original available. They are the best cup noodles in the world. The flavors and tastes are nothing close to the ones you purchase in the states.
The company is introducing a king size, which is 1.5 times more than the original one. You can also find light for your healthy diet.

FRIXION by PILOT (Erasable Ball Point Pens/フリクションボール) The newest invention from many useful stationary items in Japan, FRIXION offers a various colors and comfortable sense of use. Write and erase your errors for your convenience!

YUNKEL (Nutritional Fortification Drink/ユンケル)
A little pricey, this energy drink works when you feel weak or are catching a cold for recovery.

Cooking Chopsticks and Cooking Knife (Saibashi and Santoku Houcho/さいばしと三徳包丁)
A set of long chopsticks for cooking are very cheap at 100 yen shop and works best. The length and thickness are easy to handle. The tip is made non-grip. General cooking knives are sharp and last a lot longer than any other kind. The multi-purpose knives are good for cutting vegetables, seafood, or meat.

Eco Bag(Personal Grocery Shopping Bag/ エコバッグ)
The variety of sizes and designs for shopping bags are numerous! Some can be used for a cooler bag and reduce mass use of plastic bags.

Auto Accessories
Deodorizers, personal item organizers, and many other useful items you can use in your vehicle and personalize your car in many ways!

Kabi Hiter (Mold and Mildew Remover with Bleach/カビハイター)
Just spray the form cleaner and leave for 15 minutes or more and rinse with water. Your bathroom easily gets cleaned!

QP Mayonnaise (Authentic Japanese mayo/ キューピーマヨネーズ)
The best mayo in Japan! The red cap is original. 1/2 cut, less fat, and more are available.
Just dip vegetables in it or mix with other spices. You will love everything with this!

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