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No.203 (1/13/12)

Energy In A Small Bottle

By Keiko H. Johnson
Staff Writer

One thing you notice in Japan is those small bottles of vitamin drinks that are relatively popular among people of all ages. Energy drinks are a big business in Japan and many Japanese tend to rely on its effect for the purpose of surviving through their busy life style. According to a recent survey conducted by The Share Inc, about three in five Japanese between the ages of 30 and 59 often take in these nutritional drinks.

The effects of the main ingredient of the drink determine its popularity. As the science lab at pharmaceuticals introduce the new biological effect of the matter on improving health, the demand of energy drinks containing such ingredients become the most popular vitamin drinks at the time. The top 3 ingredients recently chosen by the consumers were Taurine, Royal-Jelly, and Collagen.

The most widely consumed vitamin drinks are the product specifically targeting on defeating fatigue. The vitamin drinks such as; Chocola BB, Regain, ALFE, Guronsan, Yunkeru, Makano Genki, are the long-sellers in that category. I rely on these small vitamin shots as I begin to feel the sign of regular cold. It seems to work well especially when it is accompanied by physical fatigue. These products mainly contain higher dose of B group vitamins; Taurin, Royal-Jelly, and Amino acid, combined with other ingredients to effectively boost the energy level. Consumers should follow the age restrictions on the label.

The products with the anti-aging potion such as collagen and Hyaluron acid are rapidly gaining attention from female consumers. The Japanese cosmetic companies began to sell concentrated collagen drinks a few years ago. The Shiseido collagen, Kose, and fankel HTC tense up drink made one of the best sellers in 2011.

Other than those vitamin drinks specifically targeting on alleviating certain types of physical discomforts, the drinks high in vitamin C such as; Ornamin C Royal Polis, C.C. Lemon, C1000 Takeda Vitamin Lemon, Dekavita C, and AceroraC, are taken in often as refreshments, and are easily obtainable at vending machines and convenience stores.

The following is a list of the popular vitamin drinks I found on Rakuten on-line shopping.

Oronamin C, Oronamin C Royal Polis/ Vitamin B, C, taurin and other Tiobita Drink/Vitamin B, and other C1000 Takeda Vitamin Lemon/ Vitamin C, and other Fibe Mini/ Fiber, Vitamin C, and other ALFE Neo/ Iron Vitamin, C/B and other

Acerola Vitamin C Chocola BB, Chocola BB Light, Chocola BB Royal/ Vitamin D, Amino acid, and other Ripobitan D/ Vitamin B,C, E, and other Ripobitan FB/ Vitamin B Chelate Lemon/Vitaminc, and other Ukon no Chikara /Turmeric, and other
Shiseido Collagen Super/Collagen Hyaluron acid, and other HTC Tense Up Collagen/ Collagen Hyaluron acid, and other Amino Collagen/ Amino acid, collagen, and other
Uruoi Bisui/ Collagen, Hyaluron acid and other Uru Up Collagen/ Collagen, Hyaluron acid.

There are many more other vitamin drinks sold at stores in Japan. Some of them can be purchased at convenience stores, such as the Lawson by the POL gate. The concentrated vitamin shots such as those I noted on the above list can be found at ASAHI Drug Store. Misawa is experiencing a severe winter this year, and the icy temperature tends to drain our energy. I hope everyone to stays healthy and can overcome this challenging climate.

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