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No.200 (11/23/11)

Kondo Glass & Frame Shop

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

The shop, which has been supporting The Insider for a long time, moved to a new location. I would like to introduce about the new “Kondo Glass & Frame Shop.”

First, I would like to tell you what they offer at the shop. Through successive generations starting from the great grandfather, the third owner, Mr. Kondo currently manages the shop and takes over their skills and techniques of custom framing. He accommodates any size you wish and gives you a variety of frame choices in order to create the original frame with your important piece of art. Not only a photo or art picture, you can ask him to put your precious items in the frame such as a plate, award medals and so on. For example, the Japanese authentic cloth called Tenugui would be perfect and nice in the frame. The standard frame sizes and prices start from 7,000 yen. You can find smaller or larger sizes for less or more prices.

welcome board glass etching

Then, he also provides you with glass services such as glass repair and etching. He can fix broken doors or windows; moreover, he can add letters and art works on glasses by etching. This means he can add a design or date on the surface of glass with a frame to enhance the look of the content. He can also put a design on a glass table, create a welcome sign on a piece of glass, or add a design on a mirror to be more fashionable. The etching technique can be applied to any smooth surface as long as he can put a design sticker. For instance, he can assist you to create a variety of memorial gifts such as plastic cups, glasses, processed wood pieces, and leather items with personalization. Such a heart-warming gift can be suitable for wedding and other auspicious occasions. I believe it is very neat to add a traditional Japanese art on a mirror. Surprisingly, he can also add silver or gold etching on a wine bottle (1,800 yen, plane etching 1,500 yen.) That would be a very personal and flattering gift. A4 welcome board with a frame costs 8,000 yen. The processing time usually takes from two to three days. As long as the supply is ready, he may be able to expedite it within a day if you are in hurry.

bottle etching baby birth announcement

Furthermore, he can also create a scroll picture called Kakejiku. If you bring a piece of artwork, he can decorate your art with a very Japanese scroll picture frame made from paper.

The owner is very proud of its craftsmanship when he works for his customers and is willing to please his customers. Since the American customers always directly express their appreciation upon their item pick-up, he is very honored and happy to work for them. One American Middle School student, who was returning to America, wanted to send her friend a frame gift with a likeliness art that she drew for her. When she came back to pick up the item, she was very happy in tears. Although she may have cried just because she cared for her friend when she saw the finished art, it was such a heartwarming story.

The shop moved from the old location near the main gate to a new place near Katsura Onsen (the hot spring near the POL gate.) By moving to the new location, now he lowers the business cost and offers better quality of services and items. The owner is very easy and friendly to talk with if you have any questions or special requests. He will be happy to assist you. With the current yen rate, it may be inconvenient for you to shop outside the base; the Kondo Glass & Frame Shop is here to make your home nice with beautiful arts and frames for reasonable prices. The owner is not good at speaking English, so please speak English slowly.

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