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No.196 (9/23/11)

Black Garlic Products

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Black Garlic is made by keeping appropriate temperature and humidity (heating, maturing, and fermenting.)

The Effects
☆ Enhancing antioxidative effect.
(10 times than regular garlic.) It keeps you young and prevents from cancer.
☆ Stamina promotor
☆ Lowering Cholesterol.
☆ Hardly smells like regular garlic.
Those are some Garlic gifts which you can get in Misawa airport.

Black Garlic Products

Furikake (Dried Rice Topping)

Garlic Miso Paste -- Good for Onigiri or veggie sticks

Garlic Pepper -- great for grilled meat

Dried Squid with Gentare Yakiniku Sauce -- The Best of Beer Snack

Dried Garlic for Cooking

Garlic Senbei Chips -- Most popular gift in Aomori

Bug Gummy Candies -- Air Port Shop Sales No.1!

Instant Fish Curry

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