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No.194 (8/26/11)

Un, Deux,Troi...

By Natsuko Ishii
Guest Writer
(Translated by Nao H. Kauffman)

Swan Ballet Circle started spring in 2010. Twice a week, lessons are held at MG plaza and Misawa International Center. There are two classes; one is kids' ballet for young children, the other is beauty ballet for adults. There is no rigid restriction to join the circle. Feel free to try just once or participate into the lessons regularly. You can dress casually at first and also take lessons with your children or bring your baby.

During the lesson of kids' ballet, children's cheerful chatter fills the lesson room every week. Once regular students change into ballet shoes and practice clothes, they become little ballerinas. Then, the lesson begins!

At first, they start stretches. By putting down a towel or yoga mat, from the sitting position, they stretch their body flexibly by different poses like a frog or round shape as their instructor directs. Next, they move to the bar against the wall and practice the basic positioning from un to cinq, then bending the knees called plie or standing one leg with extending straight the other leg behind the body called arabesque. Listening to classical music, they amusingly dance. Then, they lively cross the room by skipping to the music. Lastly, they practice choreography in the center of the hall after they finish the basics.

The ballerinas spend several weeks to complete one song. Previously, they danced The Nutcracker's Trepak (Russian Dance.) Now, it is not classical music; however, they are trying an up tempo song called Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley. Since they just have started the song, they have not been able to keep the pace to the song. Hence, the little ballerinas pleasantly enjoy dancing.

The instructor, Ms. Sakamoto, is very gentle and creates the lessons as anyone can be motivated to enjoy the lessons regardless of ages. New comers are always welcome to check the lesson. Although lessons will be held in Japanese, it is another way to be involved with the Japanese culture and local activities.

Swan Beauty Ballet Circle ★ 

Every Wednesday at MG Plaza
14:30-16:00 Beauty Ballet
16:00-16:45 Kids' Ballet

Every Saturday at Misawa International Center
9:30-10:15 Kids' Ballet
10:20-11:40 Beauty Ballet

Registration Fee: 2,000 yen
Fee per Lesson: 800 yen

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