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No.193 (8/12/11)


By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

You can see the word, “COOL BIZ” these days during the summer. You know COOL refers to a moderately low temperature. Alternative, COOL may refer to cool (aesthetic), an aesthetic of attitude, behavior and style, plus BIZ is an abbreviation of business. So, “COOL BIZ” means a summer campaign to promote casual wear in order to conserve energy. Let's introduce some cool items for the hot and humid Japanese summer. Then you can enjoy this summer with these COOL BIZ items.

Suteteco is Japanese traditional half pants for summer. It used to be underwear, but now we it is not used for underwear. There are many kind of Suteteco and they are very fashionable. People put on T-shirts and Suteteco and can go anywhere. Suteteco has become the fashion now! Get a pair of Suteteco and go party!

Kariyushi Wear
This is the same as a Hawaiian shirt, but most people call it Kariyushi wear in Japan. Kariyushi wear is more of an Asian design. Kariyushi is mainly spoken in Okinawa which means to bring you good luck.

Gel Mat
Lay a gel mat on top of your bed, and you can feel cool while you are sleeping. This particular gel stays cold. It gets warm once, gets cool back in 10 minutes. When you roll over, you can feel the cool again! You can sleep well every night with a gel mat.

Cool Towel
Soak this towel in water for 3-5 minutes and wrap it around your neck. Once this particular cloth absorbs water, it evaporates slowly. So, you can feel cool for a long time on your neck Use it again and again.

Cool Bar
A cool bar is a hand held portable “cooler” which has a silver metallic center. This center stays a “cool” 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the cool bar anywhere on your body and you can feel the cool anytime!

Icy Fan
Put ice cubes into the bottom of a fan and turn on the fan. You can feel the icy wind. It is portable, so you can always have it with you.

Shaved Ice
Put some ice cubes in top of the shaved ice machine. Push the ice down with the lid. Pour your favorite sauce on top of the shaved ice and enjoy. You can eat shaved ice anytime at home! I think Japanese shaved ice is softer than American shaved ice. Buy one and try it!

Somen Noodles in Flume
Set a long flume of bamboo and place somen inside with running water. It’s called “Nagashi Somen” (flowing noodles) Catch the somen and eat it! It is portable, so you can bring outside while you are doing a BBQ. It is great!

These are so nice for summer, aren't they? Enjoy your summer!

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