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No.189 (6/10/11)

LIVES in Summer!

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

After the chilly wind sweeps away the beautiful sakura petals, warm sunny days have finally arrived in Misawa. During the summer, there are many hot music events available in Japan. The largest rock festival would be the Fuji Rock Festival from July 29th to the 31st at Naeba ski resort in Niigata. Coldplay, Face, and the Chemical Brothers are lined up as major bands for each of dates. Other various artists such as Incubus, Cake, Towa Tei, etc. will join the event. Ticket prices and other information are also available in English at the web site. I would recommend taking the Tohoku Express Way to Morioka I.C. and take Route 46 to Akita City. Then, you should take Route 7 south toward Niigata, passing Nagaoka city and Minami Uonuma to Naeba because the Pacific Coast toll roads are still bumpy and rocky after the earthquake.

Another big live event is the Summer Sonic 2011, the event will be held on August 13th and 14th in Tokyo and Osaka. What is interesting is the artists who play in Tokyo on the 13th will perform in Osaka the next day. And the rest of artists who are lined up for the Osaka stages will come to Tokyo on the 14th. This year, they are having Ne-Yo, Simple Plan, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, X-Japan, P.I.L. or suede, etc. You can find more information on their official site in English. The Tokyo stage is at Makuhari Messe/QVC Marine Field in Chiba, which is easily accessible by subway.

On August 27th, the largest indoor rave event, WIRE 2011 will take a place at the Yokohama arena. Advanced discounted tickets are now available online till June 24th. You can also reserve your seats (all standing) through email and pick up your tickets at the door for foreign fans. Dubfire from Washington, D.C. and Rainbow Arabia from Los Angeles are lined up besides many DJs from Berlin and Japan.

As a part of Music for Relief after the natural disaster in the Tohoku regions, LINKIN PARK, will perform songs off their album, A Thousand Suns, and are coming to four cities in Japan. On September 11th, they will perform at the Makuhari Messe and at the Yokohama arena on 13th. They are going to travel to Nagoya and Osaka afterwards. The tickets will be available at Lawson Loppi L-code 74069 for the Makuhari Messe and Yokohama arena from June 11th. You can enjoy their latest song “Iridescent” which is used in the new Transformer movie premiering on July 29th in Japan.

Fuji Rock Festival


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