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No.187 (4/22/11)

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By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

As of April 25, here is some information you may want to know. These may be subject to change. The Insider is also posting any updates regarding the printed sources on our web site.

Toll Road
Toll Roads in the Tohoku Regions are currently available for the fares from the last year.
The new discounted system has not been started due to the natural disaster. From the AEON Shimoda exit to Ashiro exit, the fares are free anytime. If you have ETC installed for your car, you will receive many discounts.
ETC holiday discounts 50% off excluding Tokyo and Osaka up to 1,000 yen.
ETC weekday 30% off for max 100km excluding Tokyo and Osaka for 6AM-8PM
ETC midnight 30-50% off for max 100km excluding Tokyo and Osaka 50% off for Midnight-4AM; or 30 % off for 4AM-6AM/8PM-Midnight

The Hachinohe port for silver ferry is currently closed. They temporarily offer their ferry services to Tomakomai from the port in Aomori, as of March 25. The fares are the same from the Hachinohe lines. Please see the map for location.

From Aomori to Tomakomai
・Silver Queen, departing at 8:45AM and arriving at 4PM
・Vega, departing at 1PM and arriving at 10PM
・Venilia, departing at 5:30PM and arriving at 1:30AM
・Ferry Hachinohe, departing at 10PM and arriving at 7AM

Skymark Airlines
Skymark Airlines will start a great deal (NARITA SHUTTLE) from October 30, 2011.
One way fare from Narita Airport for four destinations is only 980 YEN for two flights a day and limited seats.

The flight schedules are as below. (These dates may be subject to change.)

Their fares called Sky Bargain are very reasonable if you reserve your seats 28 days prior to your departure, especially when you miss the campaign fares above. This will give you more options to see the other side of Japan from winter!

JR TOHOKU Shinkansen
As of April 18, they announced they may restore the whole line in the Tohoku Regions around the end of April. When you are checking this information, the lines should be back to normal as we all hope so.

LADY GAGA is coming to Japan!
MTV MUSIC AID JAPAN will be held at Chiba, Makuhari, on June 25. Although many big foreign artists canceled their visits to Japan after March 11, she is going to perform her live with other artists such as Exile, Kana Nishino featuring the host, the top idle girl group, AKB 48. More artists will be joining this event for the charity. This charity event will be broadcasted through cable and satellite in Japan.

LET'S TRY AGAIN by Team Amuse
Starting with Keisuke Kuwata from Southern All Stars and Masaharu Fukuyama, their fellows from the big production, Amuse created a charity song. The promotion video is about 9 minutes long. All The song will be on sale from May 25. All the sales go to Japan Red Cross for the relief.

McCafe is in town!
As you see the ad by McDonald's, Misawa, there are enriched coffee choices available. You can upgrade your regular drink to one of those with your combo meal for additional fees.
・Cafe Latte, Cappucino (hot only) + 60 yen
・Cafe Mocha, Caramel Latte + 90 yen

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