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No.185 (4/8/11)

Tips for preventing your body from radioactive contamination

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

The human body internally holds from 15 to 20mg iodine, and 70-80 percent of that goes to glandula thyreoidea. Iodine has a role in protein synthesis, metabolic energy, or receptivity of sympathetic nerve as component of thyroid hormone. There is a great effect in maintain healthy skin and hair from the result of protein synthesis. Moreover, it promotes human body development and improves basal metabolism.

For many of Japanese or those who live near the ocean, consuming foods with sufficient iodine may be natural because sea vegetables, fish and shellfish are rich in iodine. However, some people who live inland may cause deficiency. I have heard this is why some table salt contains iodine in order to avoid the deficiency.

Iodine is normally saturated inside glandua thyreoidea and is eliminated with your urine once it reaches a certain amount without accumulation. Thus, if your body is regularly sufficient with good iodine, you could reduce building up radioactive contaminated iodine.

However, this is just some advice from some radiation specialists and may take some time to build up your body. There was a chain email in Japan, which misled people for a solution by directly taking iodine liquid; many Japanese use as over-the-counter item for cold prevention by gurgling throat, was absolutely false. Prescribed iodine tablets may be provided for certain people in the severely affected by radiation or for those who are involved with the nuclear plant recovery. Such a false action can be harmful for infants or pregnant women without doctor's advice.

Many of people decided to stay in Japan until the situation resolved or may not have had a choice to leave. Even though Misawa is far enough from the nuclear plant, you may be concerned about this situation. Some people may not even care about healthy diet. Nevertheless, opening up to a new diet and foods shall never hurt.

The Insider will be introducing many products in the recipe section from this edition. So, please keep checking.

Great foods rich in iodine:
- Sea vegetables:Kombu (昆布), Seaweed (Wakame わかめ), Dry seaweed (Nori のり), Kanten (Japanese gelatin 寒天) etc.
  - Fish and Shellfish:Sardine (Iwashi イワシ) Mackerel (Saba サバ), Bonito (Katsuo カツオ), Yellowtail (Buriブリ) etc.
- Meats:Chicken, Liver, Egg etc.

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