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No.180 (1/28/10)

Luminosite in Oirase

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Nails Last year, on October 29, the new salon called Luminosite was opened in Oirase Town near Sanwado. At the salon, you can receive a variety of services such as manicures, pedicures, facial massages, body oil massages, etc. Ms. Matsubayashi, the owner of the salon, is originally from Misawa and works for herself after pursuing her career for eight years in Sendai. She graduated from a vocational school in Morioka for cosmetology. After her father passed away, she was convinced by her mother to return home and start her business around here. At the interview, she slowly explained her mixed thoughts about opening her business here. As she pursued her career in such a large city like Sendai, her life was almost set and ready to challenge her to the next stage rather than starting all over again in her hometown. At the beginning, she felt awful and had a sense of defeat about not opening her own salon in Sendai. She thought she did not accomplish her long time goal. Along the process of working in preparation for the salon opening, she truly appreciated her family’s support and filled herself up with anticipation. Certainly, she was also overwhelmed by things coming together because she had never experienced such a whole process; much like building a new house, whereas she was just used to being a part of a salon in Sendai, not an owner.

Luminosite A year after the salon opening, she confidently told me that things are falling into place. Her eyes shone as she said, “I am glad to be home and enjoy my new life here.” Once you receive her treatment and services, you would naturally be drawn to her appealing character and reliable techniques. I am one of her customers who keep returning with satisfaction. Her high quality services undoubtedly do stand out in this area. At any rate, be sure to check it out!

Q: What is the meaning of Luminosite? Why did you name it that?
A: In Italian, it means “glossy” or “lustrous.” I would like to help especially women shine because I believe it is essential for women.

Q: How do you like Misawa?
A: Misawa seems to be growing bigger. Compared to my childhood, many beautiful houses have become more modernized.

Ms.Matsubayashi Q: Tell me about your services. What are your specialty?
A: Manicures, pedicures, gel nails (also sculpture,) body oil massage; facial massages, eye brow care, and eyelash permanents are available. I also take orders for customized nail chips.
My specialty is facial massages, in which I use all natural gel and enriched lotion with minerals from deep ocean water for moisturizing and shaping lustrous skin. Many Americans who have long curled eyelashes may not need such a service, but an eyelash permanent will give you a glamour look. My gel nail service, which requires a UV light to form the color, art and design for your nails, is particularly easy on your nails compared to formerly known regular manicure service. They definitely last longer and do not damage your nails. Cuticle care and keratin removal are a popular service for the male customers.

Q: What is your goal in 2011?
A: On January 15, I attended a bridal event by collaborating with the bridal salon, Azuro, which is near my shop. I am eager to expand my services in different fields and to challenging myself outside my shop.

Q: Do you have a message for military families and other foreigners from around here?
A: My English is limited, so I am prepared with an English pricelist of services offered and would love to help you for your special occasion. Gift certificates are also available. It is a great gift to pamper your special Valentine or yourself. Please stop by for a reservation. Even though I give the date and total price for confirmation, some customers do not show up and do not give a cancellation notice. Reservation changes or cancellations a day prior would be greatly appreciated!

Inside Luminosite Comment by customer, N. K. from Rokunohe:
Once you enter the salon, you feel at ease in the soft lighted room. I truly enjoy lying down on the heated bed. That is the Japanese hospitality. I almost fell asleep from her hand massage, as she smoothly applies silky lotion after opening and cleansing my pores with a warm-steamer. Her perfect hand pressure and careful movements have helped remove wrinkles from my face. It was so refreshing in every corner of my face.

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