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No.178 (12/24/10)

The Local Store in Misawa: Tami's Store

By Keiko H. Johnson
Staff writer

Tami's Store While the plunging yen rate is consistently wrenching Americans living in Japan, spending yen at local stores has been very painful for dollar recipients nowadays. We are very fortunate to find dollar friendly stores in Misawa. One such store as Tami's store located at Miss Veedol Plaza has been accepting dollars for a fixed rate of 100 yen to 1 US dollar.

The owner of Tami's Store, Mrs. Tami, opened her store in the Miss Veedol Plaza just three years ago, but she has lived in Japan much longer than that. She moved to Japan thirty seven years ago from Thailand. She opened her business as a merchant, which mainly dealt with children's clothing, at a small residential house in Okamisawa City 17 years ago.

Tami's Store Mrs. Tami expanded her business dealings to not only children’s clothing, but also to belly dancing costumes, marshal arts costumes, children's formal attire, accessories, and other small handmade products from other neighboring countries of Japan. Finding costumes and formal clothing for small children tends to be diffi cult, but Tami's store carries sizes ranging from 6 months and up. The store carries imported accessories for reasonable prices as well.

Mrs. Tami is fluent in three different languages. In addition to her mother language, Thai, she is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and English. Her communication skill in the English language is more than suffi cient so that she will be able to assist anyone finding items they seek.

Tami's Store Tami's Store Tami's Store

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