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No.177 (12/10/10)

The Health Maintenance Goods: Phiten

By Keiko H. Johnson
Staff writer

Christmas is just around the corner. The post-office is hounding us on the holiday mail deadline. This unique product I purchased at Shimoda Jusco Mall first became popular among athletes. Before I seal the package, I added The Aqua Titan body equalizer bracelet produced by Phiten Company, which is one of the hottest products of Japan these days.

The numbers of top class world athletes seen with Phiten products are increasing in the past few years. Phiten company's official site claims their Aqua Titanium accessories helps to relieve fatigue by regulating the body's electric currents and improves the rate of recovery from muscle strain and prevents injury. The products also relieve pain through reduced muscle tension and enhance physical performance.

The products are made with the small amount of a water-insoluble form of titanium. The small particles of the metal is integrated into the fabric and made into their products such as bracelets and necklaces. There are two levels of strength in the products; the X 30 series is one of the original series of Phiten accessories produced, and X 50 series followed. The X 50 series are only for the necklaces, yet the X 30 series are for both necklaces and bracelets. Their lines of design on both bracelets and necklaces are fashionable and do not distract your attire for any occasion.

Even though it's effect is believed and worn by many people, some argue that the technology behind the company’s products is not approved by the government administration, and the fatigue is not believed to be caused by an imbalance of ions in the body.

However, the most believed fact is what I actually felt after wearing it for a month, and the opinion I sought from people around me who have purchased the product. After I began wearing the Phiten X 30 series bracelet, I now sleep in comfort without waking up with shoulder pains. Thus, an individual who purchased a Phiten X 30 series bracelet vows he recuperated from severe back pain after suffering for a few years. He now wears it everyday.

If the product is improving your body's natural healing power by just wearing it, it is one of the greatest and the easiest ways to accomplish. If you are interested in the products, Visit the Phiten store located in Jusco Aeon mall.

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