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No.171 (9/10/10)

8 Door Cafe

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

This August was so hot that Aomori marked hotter days than Okinawa.

I bet many of you enjoy hanging around beaches on the weekends. Shirahama Kaigan (white sand beach) is very family-oriented since there is a wide-stretched white sand beach home to shallow and calmer currents. Parking is available for 400-500 yen per car near the site.

There are shops there called Uminoie (海の家), which sell beach items, cold beverages and fast foods. You can bring your own grill or tents for camping. Also, I saw several families with dogs on the grass areas.

8 Door Cafe Heading out from the beach back to Route 1, you will see a bright orange house with a few tables outside. This is the recently opened dog cafe called 8 Door Cafe.

Poodle As you walk in the shop, their mascot, a brown toy poodle named “Eight,” friendly greets and welcomes you. They serve freshly baked European pastries and tasteful cappuccinos, herbal teas, or some fresh juices, as well as imported beer. The pastries are very limited. If you find a favorite item offered here, it is recommended that you order ahead over the phone to ensure it is available and to not waste a trip out there.

Pastries This cafe opened in July, but the main cafe is located in downtown Hachinohe. They also sell some unique foreign goods. What I liked about this place was the nice ocean view from the cafe window. After you spend a busy week, you can call over and definitely feel at ease and refreshed. Certainly, you can bring your dog partners with you after a walk. This new place became our family favorite break spot. I am assuming this September will be hotter than last year, so when you get a chance, check it out!

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