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No.162 (4/23/10)

Insider's Picks for Mother's Day

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Next month is Mother's Day. Check out the items from There are a variety of Japanese items such as tote bags, eco bags, kimonos, etc. Adakinu is a wholesale shop in Hirosaki, which has a 48 year history. Some items are sold for discounted prices and you can also order online. Credit cards or convenience shop payments are available. What I mostly like about the shop is the designs and item line-ups. The prices vary depending on what you pick; however, they are overall reasonable. You cannot find these special items anywhere else outside of Japan, so I believe they will become memorable for your mother and/or wife.

Japanese eco bags are particularly useful for your grocery shopping because the cashier will sort your purchased items in the basket for you if you hand them your eco bag. You just tie the top and “grab and go.” (Some also come with insulation to keep your items cold or warm.) These can be greatly useful for a picnic or a car ride in the spring and summer. Furthermore, one unique item is called an Onsen Bag. Many ladies in Japan, especially in Misawa, occasionally enjoy visiting local onsens (hot springs.) An onsen bag is water-resistant so you can carry your toilette items for bathing. The mesh fabric is usually used for the bottom part so water can drain away. This item can be used at the beach or gym instead if your wife or mother does not prefer public bathing. Previously, I have talked about the Japanese etiquette for handkerchiefs. Adakinu's original gauze towels or handkerchiefs are very pretty. The fabric material is very soft and made from 100% cotton. New Mamas could also use them for their babies’ burp bibs. The good news is the shop is open for a limited time only at AEON Shimoda Mall's in the retail section on the first floor from April 21th 'til July 20th.

Also, artificial corsages have become popular for many occasions. They used to be worn for formal events like weddings or graduations. However, now you can casually try them on for up-dos or ponytails. They will be fashionable in the summer. These items are also available from about 1000 yen at AEON women's section or any other accessory shops.

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