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No.161 (4/9/10)

Natural food restaurants in Tohoku

Keiko H. Johnson
Staff Writer

“What would you like to eat today?” Pizza may sound good and easy, but why not trying something new and good for your health.

Since the obesity and other health issues are closely related to food, many began to focus on a healthy diet and healthy cooking. Among all of the healthy food choices, organic food are getting a lot of attention from the people in Japan. Natural food typically refers to organic food or foods that are prepared without food additive. Minimal amount of pesticides used on the field for vegetables and these organic vegetables are fed to the cattle. Products raised under such conditions are sold at the stores as natural or Organic food. The dishes prepared using such products are also considered natural, as they are free of toxins and additives that are potentially harmful to human health.

I recently visited a few of those restaurants using natural food products in and around Misawa. One of the restaurants in town is called “Hykkaryousai/ 百果良彩”, which is located on the road to Kihi shrine in Misawa. Go out from the POL gate and drive toward Michinoku toll road. Turn left at the traffic light by Circle K on your right corner of the road. Drive down for a few minutes, then, you will see the white/ clear conservatories on your left. On the wall of the building, above the parking space, you will see the pictures of vegetables and fruits. Next to those white conservatories is the restaurant stands with some 10 to 15 parking spaces or more in front of it.

Another one of those restaurants I visited is “ Hinano/ ひな野“,located next to Yamada Denki electrical equipment store by Pia Do shopping mall in Hachinohe. The building holds an appearance of a classical Japanese residence style, and the dishes they serve at this restaurant are mainly vegetable based cuisine.

To get there, you should follow the road signs on Route 45 to Hachinohe. Once you get to Pia Do Shopping mall, look for Toys R Us. Next to Toys R Us, there is Yamada Denki electrical store. Once you find Yamada Denki electrical store, you will see the sign of Hinano and a long line of people waiting for their turn to get in.

The last one I visited is, Harvest/ はーべすと,located on the remote area compared to those two restaurants I noted above. It is located inside of Jusco Aeon mall by Morioka IC of Tohoku Express Way. This restaurant would be a great place to visit after spending a day at the mall shopping.

Finally, Such restaurants serving natural food products are becoming more popular than ever before and growing rapidly nationwide. You will surely be satisfied by all you can eat buffet style and a wide variety of dishes prepared by hands of experienced chef.

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